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If you are an existing broker with network of clients and urge to part of superior technology and infrastructure, Saar Group is the right place for you. supported by our dedicated professional with a single aim to make your trading experience smooth and successful.

If you have contact base of high net worth clients, Saar Group can offer bouquet of products that meets the financials goals and objectives specific for your clients.

Trading Arcade
If you are a full-time professional trader or a sub-broker looking for an arcade to trade from, Saar Group offers you just the right solution.

Saar Group’ trading arcade in Malad (Mumbai) and Jaipur is a fully-equipped facility that caters entirely to your trading needs, coupled with a vibrant environment of like-minded traders and Scalper /Jobber for networking and sharing of trading knowledge and strategies, we assure that you can perform optimally with the support required from one of India’s most established brokerage house.

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